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What is Cardro Pro? What is cardro pro used for?

People asking What is Cardro Pro and What is cardro pro used for? here’s clarifications, now you can do Flash Funds, Carding, Pay online without OTP.

What Is Cardro Pro?

The name “Cardro” was influenced by the program feature for carding and “Pro” means ‘program’ therefore the software is primarily carding program.

Alot of people especially those using it doesn’t know about this or it’s meaning. Many believed Cardro Pro was developed by the Russians but that’s a fat inaccurate information circulating on the internet and any website you read such is mostly handled by scammers such as (Hackbanks, bankdrops, naijatechnews, Cardropro(.com) and the rest of them,

What is Cardro Pro?

The software was first developed by a Welsh developer whom we will never disclose his identity and it was later improved by our Arab Dev’ team.

What Does Cardro Pro Do?

cardro pro is a carding program and it is cloud based program, If you don’t understand what carding is then heed to below explanation.

What Is Carding?

Carding is a term describing the trafficking and unauthorized use of credit cards. The stolen credit cards or credit card numbers are then used to buy prepaid gift cards or virtual currency/assets to cover up the tracks.


Activities also encompass exploitation of personal data, and money laundering techniques.

How Does Cardro Pro Work?

That’s a wrong question, don’t expect an answer to such critical question. We won’t give out information on that except to only our existing users.

How Can I Get Cardro Pro?

If you want to get cardro pro you will have to head to (https://cardropro.org/cardro-pro-access/) or you CLICK HERE choose a plan that suites you or your transaction and pay for it,

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After paying for it you will be redirected to the customer registration page where you will enter your email and password with other informations required such as withdrawal method,

Remember to fill out correctly and carefully. When you are done click the proceed button you will he automatically logged in and remember to save your credentials. You’re good to go now is time to start your transaction.

Cardro Pro Versions

Remember the program is of different versions (plans) which are ( Starter – Elite – Host) therefore you will have to choose your preferred plan

What is Cardro Pro

Cardro Pro Versions And Limits

Starter: price is $156 and the duration before next renewal is 60days and the limit is $20K

Things you can do with the Starter Plan?

  • Flash Funds
  • Carding

Elite: price is $568 and the duration before next renewal is 6months and the limit is $200K

Things you can do with Cardro Pro Elite Plan? 

  • Flash Funding
  • Carding
  • Flash Bitcoin
  • Redeem Gift Cards

Host: price is $1,875 and the duration before next renewal is 12months and the limit is Unlimited!

Things you can do with Host Plan?

  • Flash Funding
  • Carding
  • Flash Bitcoin
  • Check CreditCard Balance
  • Redeem Gift Cards
  • Buy Gift Cards


Will I Get Cardro Pro Guide After Purchase?

why not? sure you’re entitled to it, after your purchase is successful do contact us if you need the guide.

Do I Need VPN To Use Cardro Pro?

yes, any VPN will work. we keep improving the security of cardro pro and if you experience any issues or error do inform us for immediate fixes.

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Do I Have To Pay Again To Use Cardro Pro?

No you don’t pay again after first payment!

Any Additional Payment?

No additional payments!

Any Hidden Charge?

No hidden charge!

Do I Have To Pay For Cardro Pro Activation/Code/Key?

Payment for Activation? That sounds like a scam! Activation and set-up guide is free! You pay only once through here: https://cardropro.org/cardro-pro-access/ or HERE or you contact if you have issue with making your payment we provide bank account for more than 10 countries for payment collection.


5 Important Things To Do Before Using Cardro Pro For Transaction

  1. Set Withdrawal Method (make sure you have set your withdrawal method which is where you wish to withdraw your funds to)
  2. Ensure Security Is Active (make sure your security which is your VPN is active)
  3. Never run carding on Verve Nigerian Card (Verve Nigerian bank issued cards are temporarily unavailable/unsupported therefore for security concerns don’t use or run it)
  4. Save your credentials (after you login to make sure to save your login credentials)
  5. Link your crypto wallet (link your crypto wallet to cardro pro for easy conversion of fiat to crypto currency)

How To Link Crypto Wallet To Cardro Pro

Copy your Bitcoin or Usdt address to the settings on cardro pro, select which token then paste and save it.

How To Convert My Funds To Crypto Currency On The Program

You will find the option on the dashboard to convert it while in some cases it automatically converts for example if you already linked your crypto wallet to the program.

You can sell the crypto currency on inflowchange.com for fiat currency or Binance.com,

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Is It Safe To Use Cardro Pro?

If it is not safe we wouldn’t be existing today. It is 100% (hundred percent) safe to use the program

Is Cardro Pro Working In All Countries?

Yes cardro pro works in all countries

How Will I Get The Program After Payment?

Delivered to your email you used to pay on our website along with instructions on how to get started but if you pay to our support team they will guide you through every steps.

Can I Use Cardro Pro On Multiple Devices?

Yes if it’s you alone but don’t share with third party to avoid loss of funds!

Is the Bitcoin Flashing For All Wallets?

Not all wallets, Only Cex wallet not Dex

What Is DEX Wallet?

DexWallet is a secure, multi-chain, mobile wallet with an upcoming one-click exchange feature for mobile.

What Is CEX wallet?

Easy. Centralized exchanges (CEXs) are a type of cryptocurrency exchange that is operated by a company that owns it in a centralized manner.


DEX stands for Decentralized exchange while CEX stands for centralized exchange. They both refer to platforms where crypto users can exchange, buy and sell cryptocurrency, seamlessly.

Decentralized exchanges are generally more secure than centralized exchanges for two reasons: They are non-custodial: Hackers target exchanges to access the central database and extract users’ private keys and withdraw their funds. Since DEXs do not hold your private keys, hackers cannot get into your wallet.

I hope the question “What is Cardro Pro and What is Cardro Pro used for?” Is clarified? Please share the article to enlighten others.

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