Cardro Pro is efficient and easy to use

Click on "cardro plans" button to get started, choose a plan and make payment for the plan. after payment use the "contact us" button to contact our team,


a unique link will be generated to you by our team for you to create your own account and password yourself and login. when you login then you will be able to start your transaction immediately.

Cardro Pro V6

Need Help?

If you need help contact us on WhatsApp and we will be happy to help walk you through your transaction.

Support Group

we have a group of support team available to assist you during our working hours

Cardro Pro Management

it is user-responsible therefore you're in control of your account

Only one device

our system will detect when you share your account with someone and block your account

Use on double device?

you can not do that with either starter or elite plan, it's only host plan subscribers that can use cardro pro on more than one device!

Cardro Pro Is Easy To Use

there is no special or technical skill required to use this cloud program, we've made it easy for you to use.